CRM Management Services, LLC is a team of property and financial experts in Staten Island, NY that works with residential and community property owners on all aspects of property management within the five boroughs of NYC.   We work directly with boards, executives and vendors to ensure a smooth, profitable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

We help develop YOUR solution.

Property Management goes far beyond property performance.  We will develop a deep understanding of your overall vision and develop solutions to help achieve them, working closely with your board and other stakeholders.


Our unique approach to Property Management makes sure every aspect of the job is being taken care of by the right person or team. Our company is segmented into two separate and distinct departments: management and finance.  The management department consists of knowledgeable property managers who have worked in the New York Real Estate market for the past 15 years.  The finance department consists of skilled book keepers with extensive knowledge in real estate and finance.


These two departments operate as one functioning entity to bring clients and customers expedient results and reliable service.  Most importantly, the separation provides an additional level of checks-and-balances.  And despite being two distinct teams, there is no lack of direction or accountability as it relates to our promise to you – our client!


We service commercial properties such as office spaces and brick and mortar storefronts, as well as, residential properties such as condominiums associations and apartment buildings. Whether your tenant is building a business or renting a place to lay their head at night, they expect quality work, friendly service, and an overall reliability. Our unique approach makes this not just possible but standard operating procedure.

CRM Management Services, LLC  takes a proactive approach to managing your property and guiding you along on your way to financial stability. Our property management expert’s make sure that your property is well maintained and that your operations are being conducted in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner.


Crystal Lia – Owner/Head Property Manager

Crystal has over 18 years of experience in finance and nearly 20 years experience in leading both local and regional finance businesses.  Crystal’s leadership sets the tone for superior customer service and is an example of how her team works in a kind and efficient manner.  Crystal has the ability to build rapport with everyone she meets and thus her clients reap that benefit as she maintains constant contact with key players assigned to their community.

Crystal takes great pride in the delivery of high quality service and is always doing what is right for her client.  Her passion and knowledge for this business is unsurpassed and you feel that the moment you speak with her.  She enjoys connecting people together and is focused on serving her clients in the most authentic way possible.